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20th Anniversary Initiative

SC08 Austin occurs 20 years after the first SC Conference, SC88 in Orlando, Florida. This offers us the opportunity to review—and celebrate—the progression of high performance computing (HPC) and of our community, and the impact of the SC Conference on HPC and on society at large.

A number of activities at SC08 are planned to highlight the evolution of the conference, supercomputing and related technologies. We hope you will find time to view, visit and reflect on the past of the SC Community; the computers, the accomplishments, the colleagues, and ultimately the friendships. At the same time we want to take time to project forward to both conjecture about the future and to lay the groundwork for that future and how SC can continue to contribute to the worldwide HPC community and society in general. We hope you will be able to join us for some of these “platinum anniversary” events including:

  • A video, to be shown at the keynote presentation, which will feature highlights from the past 20 years, contributed by people from academia, industry, and government. A souvenir DVD for all conference attendees includes a video with highlights of the past 20 years and a digital archive of noteworthy photos, videos and textual anecdotes.

  • A large lobby history museum (Booth L6) will highlight events and display both physical and digital artifacts from all 21 SC conference years.. Physical components will include conference memorabilia and historically significant machines and components loaned by vendors and attendees. In addition, select SC history invited talks will occur throughout the conference in the Lobby Museum. The Museum will be open:

    • Monday, November 17, 7 - 9 pm
    • Tuesday, November 18, 10am - 7 pm
    • Wednesday, November 19, 10am - 6 pm
    • Thursday, November 20, 10am - 4 pm

  • Record your reminiscences, observations and stories at the Story Booth in the lobby museum.

  • A panel at 8:30 on Friday, Nov. 21 in Ballroom F titled “SC: The Conference” chaired by Beverly Clayton, SC General Chair for 1996 and including a panel of 5 other past conference general chairs. They will discuss the past and future of SC, Supercomputing, and HPC research in general.

  • A digital archive is available at http://www.scxyhistory.org to upload material such as significant photos, movies, videos, or textual anecdotes. Anecdotes might include a description of how participation in the conference has influenced one's career or a description of event found particularly noteworthy. Previous year's proceedings are available at http://sc08.supercomputing.org/?pg=history.html.

The Committee is interested in volunteers to serve as docents for the exhibit and would also like to build a list of people who have attended all 20 SC conferences. Sign up to help create this exciting overview of our community’s accomplishments and advancements by writing to 20thanniversary@info.supercomputing.org.

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