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  • Wipro Technologies
  • Website: www.wipro.com
  • Booth 3318
  • SC Exhibitor for 1 years
Products and Services:
  • Data Management (Software)
    Grid (Software, Solutions)
    Server (Software)
    Storage (Software, Solutions)
    Supercomputing (Services, Software)
    Wipro Technologies is a global services provider delivering technology-driven business solutions to aid strategic objectives of our clients. Wipro's High Performance Computing group works with various customers on the HPC technologies accelerating applications in Medical Imaging, Financial Services, Oil & Gas etc.

Presenting at SCExhibitor Forum

  • Tuesday    11:30-12:00    Room 19A/19B
  • Vinod Eshwaraparasad (Wipro Technologies)
  • Profile Guided Parallelization

  • With the adoption of Multicore processors, parallelizing legacy applications has become a necessity. In the past, only high performance computing applications were made parallel. The SMP support and multi-threading capabilities of operating systems allow an application to take advantage of Multicore hardware to a large extent. As the number of cores grows beyond 4, core-aware threading and tuning are needed to take advantage of the available computing power. This paper discusses a novel idea of profile guided parallelization (PGP) for Multicore systems. The profile guided optimization (PGO) has been used in compilers for achieving higher optimization. We are using a similar technique to gather parallelization related information from an instrumented object during its runtime, and then feed that back to a compiler that can generate more efficient parallel code. We demonstrate the result we got using this technique and compare it with the standard compiler generated parallel code.

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