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  • Tech-X Corporation
  • Website: www.txcorp.com
  • Booth 1324
  • SC Exhibitor for 4 years
Products and Services:
  • Analytics (Services, Software, Solutions)
    Supercomputing (Services, Software, Solutions)
    At Tech-X, we address specific research questions in science and engineering by applying our expertise in high-performance computing, modeling and data analysis, physics, grid computing, and HPC infrastructure (visualization, remote data access). Software solutions developed as part of our research efforts also support industries such as aerospace and semiconductor manufacturing.

Presenting at SCExhibitor Forum

  • Wednesday    11:00-11:30    Room 19A/19B
  • Peter Messmer (Tech-X Corporation)
  • High-Performance Data Analysis using GPUs

  • Bigger detector sizes, larger sensor counts and more challenging data reduction algorithms require an increasing amount of processing power for data analysis, image processing and simulation post-processing. The tremendous processing power offered by modern Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) is a cost effective alternative to clusters for accelerating these tasks. However, data analysis tools like IDL, MATLAB or Python do not support GPUs natively and users have to write low-level C code to take advantage of these devices. GPULib, developed by Tech-X Corporation, enables data analysts to take advantage of GPUs from within their favorite high-level language, offering a large collection of algorithms, ranging from basic vector operations, to kernels like array interpolation and reshaping. Real-world applications can achieve orders of magnitude speedup without requiring any special GPU code.

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