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  • Saitama Institute of Technology
  • Website: www.luna.sit.ac.jp
  • Booth 268
  • SC Exhibitor for 14 years
Products and Services:
    Saitama Institute of Technology has paid intensive efforts on the application of multimedia technology to education. The three-dimensional computer graphics (CG) and three-dimensional scientific visualization have been mainly studied in these fields by using the visualization tools such as AVS and the virtual reality facilities such as CAVE. In the education for the students AVS visualization software and three-dimensional CG tools have been used in the exercises and project studies. The content developed in the fields of scientific visualization and CG have been shared with other universities which have CAVE or similar VR facilities. Cooperative exercises and projects have been carried out in the projects for the education of the senior and junior high schools also. The results and our experiences will be shown and discussed in SC08.

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