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    RapidMind provides the award-winning RapidMind Multi-core Development Platform that developers of HPC and enterprise software are using today to easily create manageable applications that leverage the full potential of multi-core processors from AMD and Intel and to seamlessly take advantage of the application acceleration available from GPUs and the Cell Broadband Engine.

Presenting at SCExhibitor Forum

  • Tuesday    14:30-15:00    Room 19A/19B
  • Michael McCool (RapidMind)
  • RapidMind: A Unified Programming Model for Multi-core CPUs and Many-core Accelerators

  • Join Dr. Michael McCool as he explores the benefits of the SPMD stream parallel processing model and demonstrates how developers can express computations using the RapidMind Multi-Core Development Platform API in their C++ compilers, IDEs, debuggers, and build systems. Dr. McCool will explore how the embedded interface approach used by RapidMind also makes it possible to use the modularity of C++ to structure computations but to eliminate the runtime expense of this modularity. In addition to specific algorithmic examples, he will also demonstrate how to use the platform to turn interpreters into compilers, enabling the rapid development of domain-specific languages. Various test cases, benchmarks, and applications will also be discussed.

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