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  • Molex
  • Website: www.molex.com
  • Booth 2053
  • SC Exhibitor for 2 years
Products and Services:
  • Networking (Solutions)
    Server (Solutions)
    Storage (Solutions)
    Molex is a leading global manufacturer of interconnect solutions for the datacom, networking and storage industries among others. Building on 70 years of expertise, Molex invests significantly in R&D to develop and manufacture high-quality products including everything from backplanes, I/O, as well as power fiber optic interconnect solutions.

Presenting at SCExhibitor Forum

  • Tuesday    11:30-12:00    Room 12A/12B
  • Jay Neer (Molex)
  • Doubling Data Rates and Port Density for InfiniBand

  • Ethernet and InfiniBand compete to be the dominant I/O technology on the TOP500 list of the world's most powerful supercomputers. Connector manufacturers, including Molex Incorporated, are developing new high performance interconnect solutions that enable both protocols in their quest for higher bandwidth. Ethernet currently implements 4 channel CX4 10G copper and single channel 10G optical. Deployments of single channel copper and optical 10G SFP+ solutions are just beginning. InfiniBand currently implements 4 channel SDR10G and DDR 20G copper-only solutions. The QSFP pluggable module/cable MSA adopted this past year enables both copper and optical 4 channel QDR 40G implementations. Most recently, the InfiniBand Trade Association approved Molex's new 84-circuit iPass+ for 12 channel QDR 120G implementations, enabling both copper and optical solutions. CXP doubles the data rate and port density of current interconnects and provides up to 3,840 Gb/s of bandwidth from a 1U enclosure.

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