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    Windows HPC Server 2008, the next generation of high performance computing, combines power of the Windows Server platform with rich, out-of-the-box functionality to help improve the productivity and reduce the complexity of HPC environments. Visit us at www.microsoft.com/hpc.

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  • Wednesday    14:30-15:00    Room 12A/12B
  • Frank Chism (Microsoft Corporation)
  • Top 500 on a Stick

  • TOP500 runs on non Windows platforms have been the norm for years. However, a shift is occurring. During the past 3 years TOP500 Supercomputing rankings have listed Windows based sites in ranks as high as #23. Join this session for an introduction on deploying and optimizing for TOP500 runs on Windows HPC Servers. You will learn what NetworkDirect technology is, how template based deployment enables bare metal to 256+ nodes in less than an hour and what a C# .Net Framework based tool can do for LINPACK optimization, how to create a 'Stunt Mode Windows' for Linpack runs, and actual experience on Linpack tuning for Windows. You will leave the session with a kit that offers all those tips and tricks.

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