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  • Biomedical Informatics (Software)
    Indiana University's exhibit at SC08 is based on the theme Foundations for Innovations; Gateways to Insight. This exhibit will provide information about the foundations of IU's advanced cyberinfrastructure, including the Big Red supercomputer, the data capacitor, and IU's TeraGrid-accessible massive data storage systems. The exhibit this year focuses on three key strengths: digital arts, humanities, and scholarship; life sciences; and gateways and grids. The exhibit will demonstrate the digital creative efforts of the Jacobs School of Music, digital arts, digital libraries such as the EVIA project, and lunchtime musical performances. Life science contributions highlighted will include the use of Big Red for complex protein screening to identify cancer therapy agents. IU's science gateways are the keys to gaining insights of great significance and widespread import. This exhibit will feature in particular IU's activities in developing and deploying science gateways to high-end cyberinfrastructure, supporting particular scientific communities with end-to-end solutions. Featured grids will include LEAD and PolarGrid, along with portals to IU's TeraGrid resources and data services. Software foundations will be featured as well, particularly OpenMPI and the Open Grid Computing Environment. IU services to the national research community via the TeraGrid and Open Science Grid will be on display, and IU representatives will be available to help interested researchers learn how to access these resources.

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