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  • ITBL
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  • Booth 2127
  • SC Exhibitor for 6 years
Products and Services:
  • Analytics (Software, Solutions)
    Communication (Services)
    Grid (Services, Software, Solutions)
    Storage (Solutions)
    Supercomputing (Software, Solutions)
    Visualization (Software)
    ITBL (Information Technology Based Laboratory) is an HPC Project as a e-Japan strategy since 2001, perated by six research organizations (NIMS, NIED, JAXA, JAERI, RIKEN and JST) under MEXT with ITBL pact. The purpose is to operate versatile virtual research laboratory environment with R&D activity related to HPC. ITBL has 1983 users, connection to 19 computers (76Tflops) of 9 organizations.

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