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The Fourth International Workshop on High Performance Computing for Nano-science and Technology (HPCNano08)


Andrew Canning  (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Lin-Wang Wang  (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Workshops Session
Friday,  08:30AM - 05:00PM
Room 13A/13B
Nanotechnology is an exciting field with many potential applications. Its impact is already being felt in materials, engineering, electronics, medicine, and other disciplines. Current research in nanotechnology requires multi-disciplinary knowledge, not only in sciences and engineering but also in high performance computing (HPC) technology. Many nano-science explorations rely on mature, efficient HPC and computational algorithms, practical and reliable numerical methods, and large-scale computing systems. This workshop offers academic researchers, developers, and practitioners an opportunity to discuss various aspects of HPC-related computational methods and problem solving techniques for nano-science and technology research. HPCNano|08 invites researchers to present their research work and/or submit original and unpublished work in any aspect of high performance computing in nano-science and technology. Further information can be found in the workshop's Web site at http://www.hpcnano.org/HPCNano08/
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