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Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation: Enhancing Climate and Energy Security Opportunities


Alex R. Larzelere  (DOE)
Gil Weigand  (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
Workshops Session
Monday,  08:30AM - 05:00PM
Room 13A/13B
Achieving a secure world energy future requires utilizing a diverse portfolio of technologies that must include fission nuclear energy. This has to be done with the recognition that safety, proliferation, environmental issues related to nuclear waste, and public acceptance are of major concern. Future nuclear energy systems will require a "science based" understanding of the physical processes associated with nuclear energy systems have not been done. Stepping up to a "science based" approach requires understanding and using basic physical principles and applying them to larger, more complex, integrated systems through advanced numerical modeling and simulation tools. These tools must be tightly linked to experimental results to ensure that the insights gained are an accurate reflection of reality. This workshop will explore the technical issues with building this level of capability and explore possible ways to overcome the significant challenges.
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