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The 3rd Workshop on Workflows in Support of Large-scale Science (WORKS08)


Ewa Deelman  (Information Sciences Institute)
Ian Taylor  (Cardiff University)
Workshops Session
Monday,  01:30PM - 05:30PM
Room 11A/11B
Scientific workflows are being used in number of scientific disciplines such as astronomy, bioinformatics, earth sciences, engineering, and others. Workflows provide a systematic way of describing the analysis and rely on workflow management systems to execute the complex analyses on a variety of distributed resources. This workshop focuses both on application experiences and the many facets of workflow management that operate at a number of levels ranging from job execution to service management and the coordination of data, service and job dependencies. The workshop covers a broad range of issues in the scientific workflow lifecycle that include but are not limited to: designing workflow composition interfaces; mapping techniques that may optimize the execution of the workflow; enactment engines that need to deal with failures in the application and execution environment; and a number of computer science problems related to scientific workflows such as semantic technologies, compiler methods, fault detection and tolerance.
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