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M08: Configuring and Deploying GridFTP for Managing Data Movement in Grid/HPC Environments

Rajkumar Kettimuthu  (Argonne National Laboratory)
John Bresnahan  (Argonne National Laboratory)
Michael Link  (University of Chicago)
Tutorials Session
Monday,  08:30AM - 12:00PM
Room TBD
One of the foundational issues in HPC computing is the ability to move large (multi Gigabyte, and even Terabyte) data files between sites. Simple file transfer mechanisms such as FTP, SCP are not sufficient either from the reliability or the performance perspective. Globus implementation of GridFTP is the most widely used Open Source production quality data mover available today. Key features of Globus GridFTP include: Significant Performance compared to regular FTP and scp; Cluster-to-cluster data movement; Support for reliable, restartable data transfers; Multicasting; Supports various security alternatives; Easy to plugin alternate transport protocols; Third party transfers; Partial File Transfer. In this tutorial, we will quickly walk through the steps required for setting up GridFTP on Linux/Unix machines. Then we will explore the advanced capabilities of GridFTP such as striping, and a set of best practices for obtaining maximal file transfer performance with GridFTP. NOTE: This will be a hands-on tutorial. To participate in the hands-on portion, attendees should bring a laptop running Linux or MacOS.
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