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S07: Introduction to Chapel: The Cascade High-productivity Language

Bradford L. Chamberlain  (Cray Inc.)
Steven J. Deitz  (Cray Inc.)
David M. Iten  (Cray Inc.)
Samuel A. Figueroa  (Cray Inc.)
Tutorials Session
Sunday,  08:30AM - 05:00PM
Room TBD
Chapel is a new parallel language being developed by Cray Inc. to improve the productivity of parallel programmers working on the largest-scale supercomputers as well as multicore-based desktop workstations. Chapel aims to vastly improve programmability over current parallel programming models while supporting performance and portability at least as good as today's technologies. This tutorial will provide an in-depth introduction to Chapel, from context and motivation to a detailed description of Chapel concepts via lecture and example computations. In a hands-on segment, participants will be able to install our prototype Chapel compiler on their laptops (Linux, Macintosh, or Windows+Cygwin), compile and run sample programs, and write and execute their own Chapel computations. We'll conclude by giving an overview of future Chapel activities and by soliciting participants for their feedback on Chapel in order to improve its applicability to their parallel computing needs.
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