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M07: Debugging Parallel and Distributed Applications

Chris Gottbrath  (TotalView Technologies)
Josh Carlson  (TotalView Technologies)
Edward Hinkel  (TotalView Technologies)
Tutorials Session
Monday,  08:30AM - 05:00PM
Room TBD
The proposed tutorial will provide an introduction to debugging parallel applications with the TotalView Debugger. It will cover basic operations as well as introduce important concepts such as subset attach and parallel process control. Tutorial participants will learn how to use TotalView to debug in both serial and parallel applications. Specifically they will learn techniques for examining program state and program data, such as how to work with complex data structures, standard template library collection class objects, large multi-dimensional arrays and data that is distributed across many different processes. They will also learn how to synchronize and precisely control their parallel application using techniques such as automatically and manually defined process and thread groups, breakpoints, barrier points and evaluation points. NOTE: This will be a hands-on tutorial. To participate in the hands-on portion, attendees should bring a laptop with an Intel processor and CD drive. A bootable CD will be provided to attendees.
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