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M09: Hybrid MPI and OpenMP Parallel Programming

Rolf Rabenseifner  (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart)
Georg Hager  (Regionales RechenZentrum Erlangen)
Gabriele Jost  (Texas Advanced Computing Center)
Rainer Keller  (High Performance Computing Center Stuttgart)
Tutorials Session
Monday,  08:30AM - 12:00PM
Room TBD
Most HPC systems are clusters of shared memory nodes. Such systems can be PC clusters with dual or quad boards and single or multi-core CPUs, but also "constellation" type systems with large SMP nodes. Parallel programming may combine the distributed memory parallelization on the node interconnect with the shared memory parallelization inside of each node. This tutorial analyzes the strength and weakness of several parallel programming models on clusters of SMP/multi-core nodes. Various hybrid MPI+OpenMP programming models are compared with pure MPI. Benchmark results of several platforms are presented. The thread-safety quality of several existing MPI libraries is also discussed. Case studies will be provided to demonstrate various aspect of hybrid MPI/OpenMP programming. Another option is the use of distributed virtual shared-memory technologies. Application categories that can take advantage of hybrid programming are identified. Multi-socket-multi-core systems in highly parallel environments are taken into special consideration. Details: http://www.hlrs.de/people/rabenseifner/publ/SC2008-hybrid.html
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