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S09: Principles and Practice of Experimental Performance Measurement and Analysis of Applications on Parallel Systems

Luiz DeRose  (Cray Inc.)
Bernd Mohr  (Research Centre Juelich)
Tutorials Session
Sunday,  08:30AM - 12:00PM
Room TBD
In this tutorial we will introduce the principles of experimental performance instrumentation, measurement, and analysis of HPC Applications, with an overview of the major issues, techniques, and resources in performance tools development, as well as an overview of the performance measurement tools available from vendors and research groups. In addition, we will discuss cutting edge issues, such as performance analysis on large scale multi-core systems, techniques for performance analysis on the emerging multi-threaded architectures, and automatic performance analysis. Our goals are threefold: first, we will provide background information on methods and techniques for performance measurement and analysis, including practical tricks and tips, so you can exploit available tools effectively and efficiently. Second, you will learn about simple portable techniques for measuring the performance of your parallel application. Finally, we will discuss open problems in the area for students, researchers, and users interested in working in the field of performance analysis.
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