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Storage Performance Analysis in ES and ES2

Ken'ichi Itakura  (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology)
Toshiyuki Asano  (Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology)
Posters Session
Tuesday,  05:15PM - 07:00PM
Room Rotunda Lobby
The Earth Simulator has a temporary storage system for each node. It contributes to I/O performance of the executing application on each node and creates jobs to allocate the nodes exactly. This job allocation needs "stage-in" and "stage-out". Stage-in and stage-out are pre/post file transfers between the permanent storage system and the temporary one, respectively. The job allocation needs time slot resources and disk space resources. If a job has huge disk space requirements, efficient use is difficult. The job is scheduled before 48 hours. When a user job ends earlier than the time that the user specified, the free time is scheduled again and stage-in is done if there is a necessity. The disk access performance and the staging performance are evaluated from the operation results of current ES, and the performance in ES2 is forecast.
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