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A Profile Driven Approach to Portable HPC Builds

Magdalena Slawinska  (Emory University)
Jaroslaw Slawinski  (Emory University)
Vaidy Sunderam  (Emory University)
Posters Session
Tuesday,  05:15PM - 07:00PM
Room Rotunda Lobby
High-end machines at modern HPC centers are constantly undergoing hardware and system software upgrades - necessitating frequent rebuilds of application codes. The number of possible combinations of compilers, libraries, application build configurations, differing hardware architectures, etc, makes the process of building applications very onerous, requiring expert build knowledge from different domains. Our Virtualized Command Toolkit (VCT) aims to facilitate the entire build process and streamline it by automating common build tasks or by providing assistance when automation is problematic. VCT is based on the concept of profiles which encapsulate expert build knowledge provided independently by relevant experts (developers, administrators, vendors, and users). The poster describes VCT semantics, profile representation using descriptive XML files, the logistics of storing and retrieving build information, and interfacing to user-guided builds. We also report on experiences with using VCT on two scientific production codes (CPMD, GAMESS) on Cray XT4.
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