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Highly Scalable Parallel Algorithm for 2D2V Vlasov Equation with High Order Spectral Element Method

Jin Xu  (Argonne National Laboratory)
Peter Ostroumov  (Argonne National Laboratory)
Jerry Nolen  (Argonne National Laboratory)
Posters Session
Tuesday,  05:15PM - 07:00PM
Room Rotunda Lobby
For decades kinetic space plasma simulation has been dominated by PIC (Particle-In-Cell) codes. It is simple, robust and easily scalable. Unfortunately due to finite number of (macro-) particles, PIC codes introduce noise into the system. Hence, for the investigation of fine resonance and turbulence effects one must directly solve the Vlasov-equation for the evolving distribution function. Due to the filamentation, application of Vlasov codes for the last thirty years was restricted to low-dimensional problems. In order to make use of modern fast supercomputers, we are developing peta-scalable parallel Vlasov solver in 2D2V space. This is a new frame work to substitue PIC codes for beam dynamic simulations. Spectral elements method has been used for interpolation and semi-Lagrange method has been used for time integration. The parallel model performs domain decomposition in both physical and velocity spaces. Some benchmark results have been shown, and more will be shown on SC08.
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