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The Data Communication and Synchronization Library

Greg H. Bellows  (IBM Corporation)
Dean J. Burdick  (IBM Corporation)
James Carey  (IBM Corporation)
Jason N. Dale  (IBM Corporation)
Matthew Markland  (IBM Corporation)
Phil Sanders  (IBM Corporation)
Posters Session
Tuesday,  05:15PM - 07:00PM
Room Rotunda Lobby
The Data Communication and Synchronization (DaCS) library provides a set of services which ease the development of applications and application frameworks in a heterogeneous multi-tiered system. By providing identical communication and synchronization APIs across several different processor and network architectures, DaCS allows the user to exploit the advantages of each architecture without having to learn a new programming model for each. DaCS presents developers with a hierarchical topology of processing elements called DaCS Elements (DEs). Each DE is designated as a task supervising Host Element (HE), or an Accelerator Element (AE) used by the HE as a task offload location. DaCS currently has two implementations. DaCS Library for Cell Broadband Engine, and DaCS Library for Hybrid-x86 that ship as part of IBM's Software Development Kit for Multicore Acceleration. DaCS Library for Hybrid-x86 serves an important role as part of the software stack for the first petaflop supercomputer.
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