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My Cloud, Your Cloud, Everybody's Cloud

Aruna Ramanan  (IBM Corporation)

Ian Foster  (Argonne National Laboratory)
Gerrit Huizenga  (IBM Corporation)
Thomas Sterling  (Louisiana State University)
Peter DeSantis  (Amazon)
Panels Session
Friday,  08:30AM - 10:00AM
Room Ballroom E
Computing is reaching new heights, leaping into the clouds! That's what some experts say. Soon we may all be computing in the cloud. Let's step back a little. What exactly is that cloud? Whose cloud is it? What color is it - Blue or Orange or ...? Will there be a concept of my cloud versus your cloud? Will there be special purpose clouds or will they all coalesce to form a universal cloud? One would expect a compute cloud to be highly dynamic, just like a real cloud. Dynamics is fine; dynamics is good; dynamics is essential. But how far can cloud dynamics take the computing industry? What are the major issues? Will "High Performance Computing" embrace the cloud? Can computing become a utility like electricity? Will there be a clear divide between infrastructure and applications? Come join the debate among some of industry's leading experts and shrewd observers.
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