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Will Electric Utilities Give Away Supercomputers with the Purchase of a Power Contract?

Stephen Elbert  (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)

Rob Pennington  (National Center for Supercomputing Applications)
William Tschudi  (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Tahir Cader  (Green Grid)
Andres Marquez  (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory)
Daniel Reed  (Microsoft Corporation)
Panels Session
Wednesday,  10:30AM - 12:00PM
Room Ballroom G
With power requirements for Leadership Class systems rapidly growing beyond 10 Megawatts, the lifetime cost of electricity used (assuming it is available) is approaching the cost of the system. The impact of this development is as diverse as the approaches to deal with it. From research to guidelines to design to implementation, are we making choices we truly understand? What are the repercussions of alternatives to power distribution, denser systems, hybrid cooling? Rob Pennington and Bill Tschudi will discuss the driving forces that are influencing the design of new buildings at NCSA and NERSC. Tahir Cader will offer a new set of energy efficient guidelines from The Green Grid. Andres Marques will consider whether an instrumented testbed can provide better models and improved designs with a holistic approach. Finally, Dan Reed will invent the datacenter of the future. Join us for a lively discussion of these critical issues. Details at http://supercomputing.pnl.gov/.
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