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Computational Opportunities in Genomic Medicine

Jill Mesirov  (Broad Institute)
Masterworks Session
HPC in Biomedical Informatics II
Wednesday,  04:15PM - 05:00PM
Room 18A/18B/18C/18D
The sequencing of the human genome and the development of new methods for acquiring biological data have changed the face of biomedical research. With this flood of information, we stand on the verge of an explosion of scientific discovery. The use of computational approaches is critical to integrate the many types of data now available to us and to use them to address questions in basic biology and medicine. There is also a critical need for an integrated computational environment that can provide easy access to a set of universal analytic tools; support the development and dissemination of novel algorithmic approaches; and enable reproducibility of in silico research. We will describe some of the challenging computational problems in biomedicine, the techniques we use to address them, and a software infrastructure to support this highly interdisciplinary field of research.
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