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Moving from Data Center Efficiency to Data Center Productivity and the Role of HPC in the Data Center of the Future

John Pflueger  (Dell Inc.)
Masterworks Session
Green HPC I
Thursday,  02:15PM - 03:00PM
Room 18A/18B/18C/18D
Power and Cooling is an important topic today, but as the industry succeeds in managing data centers for efficiency, the next natural step for the industry will be to learn to manage data centers for productivity. As this occurs, lessons learned from the HPCC space will be instrumental in addressing industry issues at large. This presentation will provide a first look at the complex relationship between power and cooling efficiency, IT utilization and data center productivity. It will show how new strategies to manage the lifecycle of data centers can provide opportunities for state-of-the-art IT installations within existing facilities. Last, it will discuss how lessons and offerings in the HPC space will help the overall industry as each organization looks to Compute More and Consume Less.
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