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Zero-emission Datacenters: Concept and First Steps

Bruno Michel  (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory)
T. Brunschwiler  (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory)
B. Smith  (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory)
E. Ruetsche  (IBM Zurich Research Laboratory)
Masterworks Session
Green HPC I
Thursday,  01:30PM - 02:15PM
Room 18A/18B/18C/18D
High-performance liquid cooling allows datacenter operation with coolant temperatures above the free cooling limit in all climates, eliminating the need for chillers and allowing the thermal energy to be re-used in cold climates. We have demonstrated removal of 85% of the heat load from high performance compute nodes at a temperature of 60ºC and compare their energy and emission balance with a classical air cooled datacenter, a datacenter with free cooling in a cold climate zone, and a datacenter with chiller mediated energy re-use. We show that our concept reduces the energy consumption by almost a factor of two compared to a current datacenter and reduces the carbon footprint by an even larger factor. Our energy re-use concept can be demonstrated most effectively in terms of cost and energy savings in a homogeneous high performance computing environment.
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