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High-performance Proteomics Applications Boosted with Convey's New Way of Computing

Steve Wallach  (Convey Computer Corporation)
Rajesh K. Gupta  (University of California, San Diego)
Joel Coburn  (University of California, San Diego)
Tony Brewer  (Convey Computer Corporation)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Software Applications and Virtual HPC
Tuesday,  04:00PM - 04:30PM
Room 12A/12B
When scientists at the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) sought a more accurate way to sequence proteins that had been computationally prohibitive, they looked to Convey Computer Corporation. Convey's solution: a Xeon-based server with an integrated coprocessor offering more performance than the best x86 server. Convey platforms provide a fine-grain coherent coprocessing architecture that works with established memory models, tools, and software development environments. Using the Convey system -- and a mass-spectrometry proteomics application from UCSD called Inspect -- UCSD scientists can now initiate unrestricted searches of massive protein databases looking for possible and unanticipated modifications in peptide samples. This has enabled scientists to study protein-protein interactions and identify cancerous fusion peptides. Prior to implementing the new solution, such computationally intense searches were simply too slow to be feasible. Today, UCSD estimates show 300x speedup over the code running on conventional x86-64 machines � performance increases that open up exciting possibilities for scientific discovery.
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