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Moab-managed Clusters: Intelligently Control System Behavior, Speed Workload Processing, and Reduce Power Usage

Michael A. Jackson  (Cluster Resources)
Exhibitor Forum Session
System and Workload Management Solutions
Thursday,  02:30PM - 03:00PM
Room 12A/12B
In this session, you will discover how Moab, an intelligent, low-cost workload-management system, can get more workload processed on your cluster while reducing power consumption by as much as 12.5%. Further, you'll learn how Moab's ease-of-use tools enable users to get results faster, empower help desk operators to aid users more quickly, help administrators to diagnose and tune systems more optimally, and enable managers to enforce policies and apply reporting in a way that properly shares resources while navigating political constraints. Finally, you'll see how you can achieve a more flexible system that behaves as desired through high availability and SLA-enabling technologies such as check pointing and preemption as well as automated triggers and intelligent provisioning and virtualization management.
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