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How Engineering and Science of Computation Provides Better Return from HPC

Andrew Jones  (Numerical Algorithms Group)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Software Applications and Tools
Thursday,  11:30AM - 12:00PM
Room 19A/19B
Computation is now a strategic business activity across most industries. Increasingly, High Performance Computing (HPC) is being employed to accelerate computation and deliver a competitive edge. Computational Science & Engineering (CSE) - the engineering and science of computation - is about optimally exploiting the HPC facilities (software and hardware) used in your business. CSE offers three strong return on investment opportunities: extending application lifetime, extending application reach, and enabling application innovation. In this presentation, we discuss how the contribution of HPC to your business objectives can be optimized through CSE and other means. We present some case studies, including from the UK's HECToR national supercomputer service, which includes a multi-million dollar per year CSE activity provided by NAG.
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