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QsNetIII: An Adaptive Routed Network for High Performance Computing

Duncan Roweth  (Quadrics)
Daniel Kidger  (Quadrics)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Efficient Power and Interconnects - 3
Thursday,  04:30PM - 05:00PM
Room 12A/12B
As the CPU core count per node continues to rise there is an even greater need for high-bandwidth, low-latency interconnects in computational clusters. Scalability and network reliability are just as important if the performance achieved when using a pair of nodes can also be achieved when running applications across thousands of cores. We will describe how adaptive routing is essential to achieving scalability in fat-tree topologies, and how this is implemented in QsNetIII – the third generation of the Quadrics’ interconnect. Our talk will also cover how high message throughput is achieved using firmware support for short packets, and how hardware barrier and broadcast are implemented by splitting and aggregating packets in the switch infrastructure.
   IEEE Computer Society  /  ACM     2 0   Y E A R S   -   U N L E A S H I N G   T H E   P O W E R   O F   H P C