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Obtaining an Efficient and Budget-conscious System while Maintaining a Balance among CPU Performance, Memory Bandwidth, and I/O Performance

Dana Chang  (Atipa Technologies)
Exhibitor Forum Session
System and Workload Management Solutions
Thursday,  01:30PM - 02:00PM
Room 12A/12B
Efficient systems must provide a balance between CPU performance, memory bandwidth, and I/O performance. On the average, semiconductors double their performance every 15 months. Since I/O interconnects are governed by mechanical and electrical limitations more severe than the scaling capabilities of semiconductors, these two major elements affecting performance lead to an eventual imbalance and will limit overall system performance. We will share our configuring experiences from small to large projects. What are some "precautions" one should be aware of when configuring a budget-conscious and efficient System and trying to minimize technology differences? The information presented is based on our experience of association with technology clients and manufacturing experts. We'll be sharing the deliverable elements which contributed to these successful installs, i.e. hardware selecting, performance testing and debugging, software compatibility and support.
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