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AMD in HPC: Your Processing Powerhouse

Joshua Mora  (AMD)
Ed Buckingham  (AMD)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Diversity in Architectures and Deployment
Wednesday,  02:30PM - 03:00PM
Room 19A/19B
High Performance Computers help address some of the world's most demanding challenges. At AMD we strongly believe you should be focused on solving real world challenges and not how to build and power your next HPC system. That's why we're focused on delivering energy efficient processing technologies that continue to drive increased compute density and scalability. AMD is uniquely positioned as the only company delivering best of breed CPU and GPU processors that address the demanding requirements presented by HPC workloads. A balanced blend of memory, I/O and compute resources are needed in order to realize desired performance across a broad range of applications. In this talk we'll discuss the use of multi-core processors and accelerators, and demonstrate some of the outstanding performance that can be achieved on today's most demanding HPC workloads.
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