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Efficient, Power Dense, and Flexible Power Conversion Solutions for Blade, Cluster, and Mainframe Servers

Stephen J. Oliver  (V. I. Chip Inc.)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Efficient Power and Interconnects - 3
Thursday,  03:30PM - 04:00PM
Room 12A/12B
Optimizing efficiency and power density in mainframe systems often comes with a trade-off in design flexibility. A 380VDC architecture for 'big iron' with loads of 100s of amps at <1V is unlikely to be optimal powering 'plug and play' rack-mount server motherboards. Factorized Power Architecture (FPA) is a power component building block approach which can scale up for high power with high distribution & conversion efficiency, yet is flexible to enable lower power systems to utilize the energy saving benefits and maximize processing performance per rack. Using 48V to drive processor/memory domains while providing 12V power for legacy loads (drives, I/O, etc.), FPA presents the optimal solution of efficiency, power density and flexibility for high power custom servers and lower power 'off the shelf' server configurations. The 'pure powertrain' solution is processor & controller 'agnostic', running in any analog or digital system so mixed-core / cluster systems are easily driven.
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