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Petascale Delivered: What's Past Is Prologue

Anthony O. Befi  (IBM Corporation)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Petascale Computing
Tuesday,  04:00PM - 04:30PM
Room 19A/19B
2008 has proven to be an important year for HPC with Petascale-capable systems now a reality. Although significant achievements have been made, these serve as precursors of progress essential to address growing needs in productivity and performance. Advancements are needed in processor technology, system architecture, data management, software environments, programmability, environmental characteristics (power, density, noise) and likely, rethinking and/or redesign of applications. Adding to the challenge is the fact that these enhancements will be required across a broad range of application areas by users with skill sets ranging from "new" to "highly experienced." This talk will discuss recent accomplishments and explore future developments required as petascale computing advances to the next stage.
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