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SGI ISLE: Delivering the Industrial Strength Linux Environment for High Performance

David Sundstrom  (SGI)
Neil Bannister  (SGI)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Addressing System Complexity
Thursday,  01:30PM - 02:00PM
Room 19A/19B
As confirmed by numerous industry studies, Linux is THE premier operating environment for high performance computing and high volume data management. It gives the acquirers and managers of such systems unprecedented choices in tools and middleware through which to achieve the highest performance of their applications and optimal use of their systems. But managing this heterogeneous set of partially compatible software often prevents these goals from being achieved. SGI has designed and is delivering ISLE: the Industrial Strength Linux Environment. ISLE is an integrated software environment, a set of components from SGI as well as industry leading ISVs, and a framework and set of open APIs that enable development and interoperability of these components. SGI engineering and product management will talk about the research behind ISLE, the design, component deliveries to date, and plans for the APIs and framework to promote cross-vendor and cross-platform use of the environment.
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