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Networking 2.0: Who's Managing the Next Generation Network?

Elan Amir  (Bivio Networks)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Networking Solutions
Wednesday,  11:00AM - 11:30AM
Room 12A/12B
By 2010, 20 homes will generate more traffic than the entire Internet did in 1995, according to the Internet Innovation Alliance. As that suggests, today's networking discussion is no longer about mere connectivity. Rather, in this age of YouTube, streaming radio, peer-to-peer (P2P) applications and other heavy consumers of bandwidth, it's about network optimization and monetization. Namely, what constitutes fair use of network resources and who sets those policies? In this presentation, Dr. Elan Amir, CEO of Bivio Networks, a leading deep packet inspection vendor, will talk about the state of the network and how it has evolved. He will shed light on what the future holds for service providers and carriers as high-bandwidth traffic on their networks surges and shows no signs of abating. As an expert in deep packet inspection technology, Dr. Amir will also explain how this technology is a critical tool in managing next-generation networks.
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