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Broadening the HPC Franchise

Matthew Reilly  (SiCortex)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Addressing System Complexity
Thursday,  02:30PM - 03:00PM
Room 19A/19B
The real challenge in high performance technical computing is not the construction of Exascale systems, but it is in the building, deployment and use of thousands of Petascale systems, or millions of Terascale systems. For every Tokamak simulation there are thousands of more widely-applicable problems. We've made tremendous progress in addressing the needs of the few, but high performance computing has yet to become ubiquitous in industry. VisiCalc and Matlab made desktop computing relevant to practical managers and engineers: our industry must do the same for high performance parallel computing. This need demands more accessible programming models, and richer application environments. SiCortex systems provide a platform for investigating these important computing problems. How do we build scalable, practical, parallel applications? Most importantly, what can be done to broaden the parallel computing franchise? This presentation aims to start that discussion in a larger forum.
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