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Profile Guided Parallelization

Vinod Eshwaraparasad  (Wipro Technologies)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Software Tools - 1
Tuesday,  11:30AM - 12:00PM
Room 19A/19B
With the adoption of Multicore processors, parallelizing legacy applications has become a necessity. In the past, only high performance computing applications were made parallel. The SMP support and multi-threading capabilities of operating systems allow an application to take advantage of Multicore hardware to a large extent. As the number of cores grows beyond 4, core-aware threading and tuning are needed to take advantage of the available computing power. This paper discusses a novel idea of profile guided parallelization (PGP) for Multicore systems. The profile guided optimization (PGO) has been used in compilers for achieving higher optimization. We are using a similar technique to gather parallelization related information from an instrumented object during its runtime, and then feed that back to a compiler that can generate more efficient parallel code. We demonstrate the result we got using this technique and compare it with the standard compiler generated parallel code.
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