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The Heterogeneous Future: Multi-Core Processors, Adaptable Processors, and Graphics Processors

Stefan Möhl  (Mitrionics)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Diversity in Architectures and Deployment
Wednesday,  02:00PM - 02:30PM
Room 19A/19B
The landscape of computer processors has changed dramatically in the last few years. The old sequential von Neumann architecture has finally run out of steam, resulting in a shift to parallel processing for all computer processors. At the same time, a new breed of computer accelerators has emerged. Developed in mass-market industries outside HPC they have guaranteed support into the future, including continuous new generations of ever faster chips. Two prominent accelerators in this segment are FPGAs and GPUs. These three new compute devices, the Multi-Core CPU, the FPGA, and the GPU each have areas in which they are magnitudes more powerful than any of the others. To fully take advantage of the new opportunities for performance that are presented to us by these technologies thus requires a future of heterogeneous computing.
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