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Auto-Analysis, Optimization, and Code Generation for Parallel Computing including GPU, Multi-core CPU, and other Hardware Architectures

Patrick Leonard  (Rogue Wave Software)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Development and Analysis Tools
Tuesday,  01:30PM - 02:00PM
Room 19A/19B
At Rogue Wave Software, we are working on a technology that is designed to change the way that software development is done for parallel computing. Since CPU clock speeds stopped increasing around 2004, vendors have added processing power by increasing the number of "cores" in each CPU. Unfortunately, most existing software does not adequately take advantage of these additional cores. In addition GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) hardware has moved into the realm of high-performance general purpose computing solutions. Unfortunately, writing code for these devices can be difficult and time-consuming and results in non-portable code. Rogue Wave Project "Gazelle" is an auto-parallelizing source-to-source tuner and translator that simplifies the move to parallel computing by generating vendor-specific code for multi-core CPU and both GPU brands from standard C source code without having to rewrite for proprietary hardware APIs. This work is happening in cooperation with several major hardware vendors and universities.
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