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Multicore Analysis for the Masses

Erik Hagersten  (Acumem)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Development and Analysis Tools
Tuesday,  02:00PM - 02:30PM
Room 19A/19B
It is well known that most multicore applications run far below potential performance levels. Tuning for multicore used to require insights into complex resource sharing (e.g., caches and bandwidth) and thread interaction (e.g., synchronization, coherence and false sharing). This required expert knowledge and many weeks of data gathering and human analysis using conventional performance tools, even to find the low-hanging fruit. This session discusses the new challenges associated with multicore performance and reveals the new Acumem technology, which automatically analyzes an application’s execution on real hardware. It pinpoints performance problems related to both thread interaction and resource sharing. Furthermore, it suggests appropriate application modifications, allowing non-expert programmers to perform optimizations that require weeks or months of top performance experts today.
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