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General Atomics Technologies Provide Improved Situational Awareness to US Military Analysts

Constantin Scheder  (General Atomics)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Software Applications and Tools
Thursday,  11:00AM - 11:30AM
Room 19A/19B
Join us as we describe the integration of Nirvana SRB with CLAW to bring greater situational awareness to US military Ground Control Stations as they ingest and analyze image data acquired from UAVs and other inputs. CLAW controls and manages the sensor system from mission planning through production of actionable intelligence and performs rapid cross cueing through the simultaneous operation of multiple sensors. With the integration of CLAW and SRB, multiple types of imagery can be recalled and viewed within a geospatial reference so that the resulting aggregate of images gives analysts a more thorough understanding of the threats in theater. CLAW with SRB allows analysts to search, recall, and archive all types of imagery from any type of input or storage device, no matter where it is physically located. Please join us for this interactive discussion of how data grid technology can be applied in this, and other high impact settings.
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