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Ethernet Is Ready to Scale

Gary Lee  (Fulcrum Microsystems)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Interconnects - 1
Tuesday,  10:30AM - 11:00AM
Room 12A/12B
Ethernet and InfiniBand are locked in a struggle to be the best solution for the HPC fabric. While low in latency, InfiniBand has not been able to scale efficiently to keep pace with HPC clustering applications. Adaptive routing has been proposed as the solution to allow InfiniBand to scale for large data centers, but the technology has not yet been validated in real-world situations. Ethernet, however now offers the same low-latency and feature-rich routing that enables non-blocking CLOS topologies for data-center scalability. Emerging standards and technologies, such as iWARP and InfiniBand over Ethernet (IBoE), seek to preserve the software that has been developed for use with InfiniBand fabrics, while leveraging the benefits of an Ethernet fabric. This presentation will revisit the Ethernet-InfiniBand debate and detail how Ethernet now offers performance and latency on par with InfiniBand, while offering scale far beyond the capabilities of InfiniBand.
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