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LSI Storage: Ready for PetaScale, and Beyond

Dave Ellis  (LSI Corporation)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Storage Solutions
Wednesday,  03:30PM - 04:00PM
Room 12A/12B
LSI, the number one OEM supplier in the world today, has delivered over 400,000 Storage Systems through our OEM partners. Insuring the integrity of your data is paramount at LSI. As customer’s move to ever higher capacity drives, and continue the migration to less expensive solutions, such as SATA disks, LSI continues to ensure that the data is properly stored and protected. Our talk will examine our patented Drive Health Monitoring techniques that ensure data is protection throughout its lifecycle. You will also receive a copy of our White Paper titled “Improving RAID Array Data Availability and Performance with Proactive Drive Health Monitoring”, which is based on an in-depth analysis of drive failures over 25 years and over 900,000 samples. Additionally, LSI ensures that the demanding reliability and performance needs of the HPC customer are being met as we develop our next generation Storage Systems. We look forward to sharing our vision with you.
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