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Unified Fabrics and Next Generation Fabric Technologies

Yaron Haviv  (Voltaire)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Efficient Power and Interconnects - 3
Thursday,  04:00PM - 04:30PM
Room 12A/12B
In recent years, new network technologies have been introduced which are changing the way we look at server interconnects. Examples include 20Gb (DDR) and 40Gb (QDR) InfiniBand and Convergence Enhanced Ethernet (CEE). In the future, these technologies will enable a single fabric to connect servers to both other servers and to storage as well as to carry all IPC, LAN, and storage traffic. These fabrics will need advanced mechanisms for congestion management, adaptive routing and class-based traffic prioritization with enhancements for I/O virtualization. This will allow users to virtualize and partition the fabric into multiple virtual networks that can address the needs of the many different applications and/or jobs that are run in high performance data centers. This session will discuss the new developments in the interconnect space, how they address traditional HPC requirements and will further present various approaches to implementing a unified fabric in High Performance Data Centers.
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