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Accelerating the Development of Parallel Applications with ReplayEngine

Chris Gottbrath  (TotalView Technologies)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Software Tools -2
Wednesday,  03:30PM - 04:00PM
Room 19A/19B
The hardest step in resolving software bugs in a parallel programming environment centers on working backward from a software failure to the original program error that caused it. Conventional debugging technologies only allow users to control program execution in the forward direction, making it necessary to troubleshoot against the grain and apply time-consuming and potentially unreliable methods to understand problems. Replay debugging technologies have the potential to greatly reduce the time required to identify and solve many of the most difficult bugs by enabling the user to examine program execution history. This presentation will review some of the challenges faced by anyone troubleshooting multi-threaded and/or parallel programs and the benefits of replay debugging techniques. Attendees will learn about a unique new product that frees the developer up to follow the program's logic backward through execution history, and can apply these techniques to enjoy easier, more reliable, and productive software development.
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