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Developing Parallel Applications on OpenSolaris and Linux

Kuldip Oberoi  (Sun Microsystems)
Exhibitor Forum Session
Software Tools -2
Wednesday,  04:00PM - 04:30PM
Room 19A/19B
With the latest multi-core systems, the age of hardware parallelism is here today. Are your applications ready? Creating shared memory and distributed C/C++/Fortran applications that take advantage of this parallelism has increased complexity for software developers. Multi-threaded development, debugging, and profiling as well as common multithreaded issues, such as data race and deadlock conditions, provide challenges in software quality and developer productivity. Sun Studio compilers and tools support the latest parallelizing models and can simplify these challenges and allow you to fully unlock the potential in multicore architecture. Also learn about Sun HPC ClusterTools which is the best integrated parallel development environment available on the market today. Learn how to run your complex, compute-intensive applications on Sun systems and clusters of Sun systems.
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