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Exascale Software Challenges

Primary Session Leader:
Allan Snavely  (San Diego Supercomputer Center)

Secondary Session Leader:
Vivek Sarkar  (Rice University)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Tuesday,  05:30PM - 07:00PM
Room 19A/19B
This BOF draws together experts and other interested parties focused on understanding challenges and developing promising approaches in developing robust, scalable, and efficient software to run at Exascale (nominally 1000x faster/larger/more concurrent than today's software). The session will begin with a high-level summary of an ongoing study on Exascale Software, and will be followed by 5-minute talks on topics that include: Exascale science drivers: what computations are amenable algorithmically to scale to 1000x? Coupling: Strategies for assembling coupled models from petascale components, what interfaces are needed to enable such "extreme coupling" to be efficient? Metrics: what metrics such as spatial and temporal locality, parallelism, and asynchrony are important to consider in Exascale software development? Compiler and runtime: what design principles are required to enable robust, efficient, scalable Exascale code generation and execution? Operating system: how should runtime support be partitioned between an Exascale Thin OS (ETOS) and user-mode system services?
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