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Requiring Open Source Software in Federal Grants

Primary Session Leader:
Laxmikant Kale  (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

Secondary Session Leader:
Ross Walker  (San Diego Supercomputer Center)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Wednesday,  12:15PM - 01:15PM
Room 13A/13B
Recent RFPs from federal and other funding agencies, including those funding HPC projects, have required that any software developed as part of the grant be released under an official open source license. Such requirements have resulted in many proposals being rejected. Inclusion of such requirements should be preceded by significant discussion within the scientific community; further, proposers and reviewers need clear guidelines defining the scope of open source requirements and how they are expected to apply outside of the funding period. The purpose of this BOF Session is to encourage an open discussion of the pros and cons of such requirements. Is it beneficial to U.S. science? Does it restrict or foster innovation? How does it affect continuation of the software beyond the funding period? Is the open source requirement being applied fairly? Is it within the spirit of the Bayh-Dole act? Should it be considered outside the merit review process?
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