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The Challenges, Risks, and Successes of Integrating Peta-scale Systems into Science Environments

Primary Session Leader:
William Kramer  (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)

Secondary Session Leader:
Dan Hitchcock  (DOE)
Birds-of-a-Feather Session
Thursday,  12:15PM - 01:15PM
Room 15
Petascale systems are deploying, and Exascale systems are being planned. After systems are designed and before they can be used, they must be installed, integrated with the existing environments, and tested at full scale. The impact of less-than-optimal integration means the time required to deploy, integrate and stabilize a system may consume much of the useful life. Improving the state of the art for HPC systems integration has potential for great payoff by increasing the scientific productivity. Unfortunately, HPC system integration often fall between the cracks of research, user support and hardware procurements. This discussion will cover the challenges; risks; best practices; lessons learned, tools and techniques that are helpful and/or need research and development. The goal is to map out a way to make HPC system integration technology a full-fledged partner with a "seat at the table" as petascale and exascale initiatives and programs are planned.
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